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Growth Marketeer 🚀

Job description

Poppy is the first European shared mobility platform offering 3 mobility solutions in 1 single app 🚗🛵🛴

The carsharing platform Poppy launched in Antwerp in the beginning of 2018. Afterwards, it expanded its fleet and homezone. Poppy has now 300 cars, 300 scooter and 400 kick scooters available in both Antwerp and Brussels

With Poppy you can choose the vehicle you need at that moment, based on your specific needs. Want to go to the cinema? Choose a Volkswagen e-Golf and hit the road in style. Want to drive longer (or further)? Then go for the luxurious Audi A3 g-tron that’s running on CNG. Do you need to be somewhere local in the city center? Then opt for the 100% electric scooter or kickscooter ⚡️

As a finishing touch, you’ll find all of our vehicles anywhere the Poppyzone in Antwerp and Brussels, no fixed parking spots you need to go to, no parking to pay and all this with a 100% eco-friendly fleet 💚
Going on holiday? You can also go to and come from Brussels Airport with a Poppy. 

Your Poppy, your choice, your freedom 👊🏻

👀 We're looking for a Growth Marketeer who will be executing the following tasks among others : 

  • The building and execution of an acquisition and retention strategy. 
  • Creating new content and distributing it through our different channels.
  • Realizing the growth of the company by use of genuine Growth Hacking techniques.
  • Guardian of the love-brand Poppy to ensure that the strategies are in line with the framework of the brand.


  • At least 3 years of experience in marketing
  • Experience with Sketch or Photoshop
  • Experience with copywriting ✍️
  • Experience with Growth Hacking techniques 📈
  • Experimentation-based marketing - You don't know the result if you're not testing 🧪
  • Performance marketing - You always keep your North Star metric in mind. Everything you do is measurable, testable and scalable. You are obsessed with the AAARRR model and the LTV/CAC ratio occupies your mind day and night 🤓
  • Experience with acquisition and retention strategies 
  • Experience with Ad strategies
  • Fluent in Dutch, French and English
  • Your comfortable working in a small local team with a hands-on approach
  • An excellent knowledge of the Belgian demographic 
  • Planning/organizing individual is self-directed, prioritizes and plans work activities and uses time efficiently 
  • A flexible personality, eager to learn who believes the sky is the limit 💫
  • Entrepreneurial spirit is a must!